There are currently three ways to deploy an Architect app to AWS:

Deploy with

Create an app on Begin:

Deploy to Begin

To deploy to your staging environment, all you need to do is make a change in your GitHub repo and push it to main:

git push origin main

Git tags deploy to production:

npm version patch
git push origin main

Congrats, you've deployed to your production environment!

Deploy with Architect

Architect deploys to a staging stack by default, and will generate and clean up the required JSON, YAML and deployment bucket for you.

arc deploy

To manually deploy to a production run:

arc deploy production

Protip: there are many other options for Architect deployment…it is a deployment tool! (Learn more)

Deploy with SAM

Running arc package generates SAM/CloudFormation sam.json which can then be deployed by AWS SAM or AWS CLI tools.

arc package

sam package \
--template-file sam.json \
--output-template-file out.yaml \
--s3-bucket [S3 bucket] \

sam deploy
--template-file out.yaml \
--stack-name [Stack Name] \
--s3-bucket [S3 bucket] \
--region [AWS_REGION]

Note: s3-bucket, stack-name and region parameters are required.

Exercise: deploy an app to AWS using one or more of the methods above!